Do what you love

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. A great phrase yet so much easier said than done, as everything in this life pretty much is. How do we find our passion, what we were meant for, our calling? It seems to come so easy to so many but what if we’re not one of those individuals? What if we never find it and are stuck on this planet doing meaningless tasks? Then. By some miracle if we do find it how do we then go and manage to pursue it with every other situation and responsibilities in this life that seem to take us away from it?

I think it’s important to first understand that this will in no way be easy, nothing worth doing ever is. In fact, it will more than likely be the most difficult, challenging thing you ever do. You will hit untold bumps and roadblocks that will test you to your core and force you to question everything that you know and believe. I’m sorry if that’s discouraging, I’m sorry it isn’t easier yet the very essence of it being almost impossible is the very thing that makes it worth it. We rarely appreciate anything in this life that comes easy and it’s not until they are taken away from us that we come to understand them fully. Be grateful you aren’t just handed your passion on a silver platter for it is a blessing. 

Let’s start with how to find out what it is that you love. Well, unfortunately there really is no short cut to this. Some people just know while others spend their entire lives searching. I think finding your passion should be approached the same as you will when going after it. If you have to ask how long it will take, if you have to ask what it will cost you’re better off doing something else. Either you can settle for a ‘normal’ life or you can risk everything for that ultimate pursuit that so few ever go after or achieve. Again, I can’t tell you how long it will take or what you will need to do in order to get there but one thing I can tell you for sure is that it will be worth it. 

It’s easy to look at those who are doing what you want, living their dreams, pursuing their passions, as having it handed to them. We assume that everything was easy. They were born into it, they are naturally gifted, they didn’t have to work that hard, they just knew, etc. I’ve touched on this subject several times in the past so I’ll keep this brief. If you really think that things were easy or just handed to anyone that has ever made it I suggest you do some research, find a book about someone you look up to, watch a movie or if you can just ask. I guarantee you that they’ve been through, given up and sacrificed more than you could even possibly imagine. It’s something that just comes with achieving your dreams, no matter who you are. It’s why I love watching movies or reading books based on true events, regardless of whether or not the subject is something that I’m in to. Learning about what it took someone to get to where they are at is always an enlightening and inspirational subject.

Back to the steps we can take. Firstly, I would say do what you like if you don’t know yet what it is that you love. Now I’m not saying quit your job and move across the country for something that you just like but it’s something that can open your mind and your heart to what it is that you were meant for. What we need to understand is that it’s a process, a long one. We might not be in the right mental, physical, spiritual place at the moment to even understand or grasp what it is we are looking for. Think of it as you would education. It would be impossible for a child to jump right into college, other than for a select few. You need to build from the ground up, start slow, like anything in life. Doing what you like, following your heart, living the life and making the choices that you know you should starts driving you down a different path, no matter how big or small. It changes your frequency and will ultimately lead you to the road you were meant for. We have to do the same thing once we are on that path and lose our way, which I can guarantee you will happen, more than once. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. What I know will help get me back to where I was is to take a step back, reset and slowly build back up. This is the same regardless of whether you are just getting started or a veteran in your field. In any endeavor, we don’t necessarily need to be able to see the entirety of it in order to get to where we need. All we need to do is see each next step along the way. Often it’s not until we are at the end of a journey that we can look back and truly understand it all. Think of a car driving across the country in pitch black. You don’t need to be able see all the way to the coast in order not to get lost. Just the few hundred feet in front of you along the way.

The same approach that goes into finding it is the same as what we do once we get there. How are we going to make money, how are we going to live, how are we going to overcome all of these obstacles? Again, if you have to count the costs than just do something else. I can’t tell you what it is or how much you will have to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals. Everyone is different but everyone, without fail, has to make them. If you understand that and it’s worth it to you than keep going. If not it’s best to know ahead of time and don’t even bother. 

I know it may be a little disheartening because I can’t give you a magic fix, I can’t tell you how long or what it will take but if you only listen to one thing from me than hear this, it’ll be worth it! The world needs what you have to offer and it needs you at your very best. Too many fall into just being ok, or worse, and I completely understand why. It’s a hell of a lot easier and it may even seem safer. Understand that there is nothing ‘safe’ in this world and none of us are getting out alive. Follow your dreams and pursue your passions because life was meant to be lived!

“Do what you love. At least do what you like until you find out what it is that you love”-me


The end.