Late night thoughts

            Deep thoughts with Huggy Bear, at 2:30 AM in Rome because my sleep schedule is all out of whack from jet lag. I was thinking about how energy can't be created nor destroyed. (The law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.) Yea, this is the random stuff that pops in my head in the middle of the night. How we all have the potential to be good or bad, and every billion of degrees in between. Yes, I do feel all of us are born inclined to certain behaviors, for various reasons, but we have free will and no matter what our circumstances may be, it is still on us to decide what to do with them. How many of us just point at our upbringing, our race, the tragic events of our childhood, or any other excuse/reason we may have to be a certain way, yet there are those under the same situations who have overcome. So what's your excuse? Excuses are only there to make you feel better. This is in no way trying to belittle the things you've gone through but it is, however, saying that your reasons are invalid in the end. 

            No matter what situation we are in, no matter where we were born or who we were born to, what awful things happened to us growing up or how many unfair and unjust things happened to us throughout our lives, the one thing we have to take ownership on is how we respond to them. The one thing that is on us is how we react. 

            "Rain falls on the just and unjust alike."-Mathew 5:45. Just because you view someone else's circumstances as easy you truly don't know till you've walked in their shoes. Either way that doesn't free you from having to own your own decisions and the consequences of them. How many people, with the worst circumstances known to man, were able to overcome, were able to turn an unimaginable awful situation into the greatest triumph? So again, excuses are only there to make us feel better about why we can't make it, but in the end they are all lies.

            The other thing that I was thinking of is how every positive thing has the potential to do the exact opposite just as easily, if not easier. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"-Newton's third Law. How many individuals reached the highest level, in one area of their lives, only for another area to plummet in a meteoric fashion? I just recently listened to a great audio book, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, which I highly recommend. In it, he discusses this in detail. How when we are reaching these heights we need to be that much more aware of heading in the opposite direction. It happens so many times because we put all our time and energy into this one thing and aren't noticing the other areas falling apart. More than anything being aware of that being a possibility so we are more aware of the signs and able to make adjustments. 

            So one, own your life, own your decisions. Take responsibility and realize that we do have control. We may not always be able to change things that have happened, or will happen, but one thing no one can ever take from us, unless we let them, is what we do with it. We can turn all that evil that was put on us into something beautiful, something life changing, or we can let it sink us down to its level. And two, just like in training, or anything else in life, if you put all your time and energy into one area the others will inevitably start slipping away. It is a constant juggling act to be perfect, which is impossible but the only choice we have. 

            For so many years I lived in the darkness until the day I realized I was the one in control of that. I have this energy, good or bad it's still an amount of energy, and you can put both into something positive or something negative. The choice is, always was and always will be, ours. How do you want to live, how do you want to impact the world, how do you want to be remembered? The choice is truly yours, so choose wisely!

"The world needs the light that you have, so keep shinning!"-Me

-The end